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Aims and Objectives of the company:  
- To provide a channel for Taxi hirers, relief drivers including new taxi drivers to place their contact information here, so that they can contact each others.. 
- Enable taxi drivers to have higher levels of income through various ways.
- Help hirers find relief drivers to fully make use of their taxi rentals, thereby generating more income for the both of them.
- Enable taxi drivers to have holidays or sick leave by help finding relief drivers in urgent situations.

Charges for our Taxi drivers & Relief drivers matching service:

Your support :
- Your support is very important to us in many ways.
- We will continue to see further improvements throughout the year. If you have any feedback or thoughts that can help us to improve, do share them with us. We look forward to serving you better. 

Contact us :
- Please e-mail us at:
- Telephone : HP +6582606690
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这是一个专为新加坡德士司机提供车主与替班司机配对服务的网站。欢迎康福、城市、SMRT、 得运、Premier和黄顶德士的司机使用。                             Singapore taxi drivers matching service
This is a Singapore taxi drivers matching service website. Welcome Comfort, city, SMRT, MY, Premier,  and yellow top taxi drivers to use.
Use of this website is free!

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