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(2) TAXI Relief Drivers   want to drive TAXI. (长期)Long Term

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R22921 name: Teo
address: Jur west st 65
contact: 92204694
Company: Ntuc
Details: Sat n sun 5am to 5pm
R22920 name: Mr Tan
address: Choa chu kang
contact: 97545378
Company: Comfort
Details: Permanent night shift   Mon-fri 5pm to 5am or 4pm to 4am
R22919 Day Relief
Name: Chua
Area: Pasir Ris
Company: Comfort
Hp: 83836583
Description: Able to drive Mon-Fri daytime. Please call to discuss further.
R22918    Looking to drive day shift Mon-Sat 7am-7pm tks 
R22917 name: William
address: Geyland bahru/Kallang bahru/boon keng/sims drive
contact: 94779667
Company: Citycab
Details: Hi,I wanted to drive night 5pm-5am mon-fir as a relief..already register in cdg account.whats app/SMS me if I didn't answer.thanks.
R22916 name: Mr Goh
address: Ang Mo Kio
contact: 92252725
Details: Willing to relief for 5am ~ 5pm or 6am ~ 6pm.   Negotiable.
R22890 name: Mr Leow
address: Sengkang
contact: 96968652
Company: Comfort
Details: Weekday in the day
R22889 name: Ratha krishnan s/o Arumugam
address: Jurong west st41
contact: 91007127. H/no 65643148
Company: Transcab any type
Details: 5days night mon to fri fm 5pm to 5am want drive
R22888 name: Mr Ng
address: Tampines
contact: 82823334
Company: Trancab
Details: Night Only (5 Days)Mon to Fri
R22872 name: Teng
address: Kallang, Geylang, Beach Road, Lavender, Aljunied, Paya Lebar
contact: 81285653
Company: SMRT Toyota Prius
Details: Temp or Perm Monday to Sunday 5pm-5am. Time & days open to negotiate. Full day during weekends also welcome.
  name: Mr Chow
address: Owen Road OR NEAR BY
contact: 96228164
Details: I want to drive day shift.
I have many years of driving taxi experience. Pls call me now.
R22583 Name : Mr Tay 
Address; Teck Whye 
Contact : 97360395
Company: Comfort 
Details: Able to drive night shift on Mon to Fri from 3 Nov onwards. Pls call to discuss further. Thank you.
R22582 Contact: 91716023
Details: I want to drive night shift for 5 nights, Pls call me now. 
R22580 name: lim
address: bukit panjang
Company: prefer Pirus or Optima
Details: Looking for hirer around BT. Panjang night shift 7pm to 6pm 6 days week. Kindly call 94683000..tks
R22573 name: Lum
address: woodlands
contact: 92718484
Company: Trans cab
Details: During school holiday
name: mr.leong
address: teck whye
Company: smrt / city cab
Details: need to drive sat& sun day 4am to 4 pm
R22530 name: Mr Azman
address: Yishun
contact: 94553861
Company: Any (Auto)
Details: Dear hirers, i can be your relief driver from 7pm to midnite as i have a permanent day shift work.
R22529 name: Mr. Wong
address: Ubi
contact: 93492279
Company: Transcab
Details: 6 nights from 5 pm to 5am.  Pls SMS me if you cannot contact my mobile, tks.
R22528 name: Azhari
address: Bukit Batok
contact: 81884414
Company: Comfort
Details: I am able to drive on weekdays Mondays to Fridays. Timing from 8pm to 2am. Please contact me the soonest possible.  Thanks
R22527 name: Mr. Tan Y L
address: Bedok
contact: 97882285
Company: Na
Details: Many years of taxi driving experience.  Looking for day shift long term.  A few days a week or all days possible.   Pls contact me to discuss. Thank you!
R22526 name: Lee
address: Bukit Batok St31
contact: 90935355
Company: SMRT only
Details: Hi, want to drive every Thursday or Friday. Preferred between 6am-3pm at $35-40 or 5am-5pm $45-50. Registered relief driver for SMRT Only.
R22525 name: shah
address: bt.panjang
contact: 91820237
Company: comfort or city cab sonata
Details: whole day sat.
R22524 name: Mr.Sim
address: Hougang Ave 6
contact: 98306306
Company: Any
Details: I'm a relief driver can drive mon-fri   around 7am-7pm tks.
R22523 name: Lim
address: Ang Mo Kio
contact: 98466644 and i dun need a loan
Company: prefer transcab
Details: Just got my taxi licence. 17 yrs driving experience.  Looking to drive nightshift.  Going for a long holiday on Nov.  Pls message or whatsApp to discuss.
R22522 name: Mr Kwek
address: Serangoon North
contact: 92950379
Details: Dear hirer ! I am looking for taxi to drive on every Tuesday from 6am -6pm. Any hirer interested, pls contact me @ 92950379. Thank you !
R22519 name: Mr Peh
address: Tanjong Pagar
contact: 97951665
Company: Comfort Delgro
Details: Sat / Sun or Both   Whole day or night shift
R22517 name: Mr. Lee
address: Choa Chu Kang Ave 4
contact: 92399269
Details: Hi, I am a relief driver looking to drive on Saturday & Sunday.  Preferred timing from 8:00am to 8:00pm, but negotiable.   Feel free to give me a ring.   Thank You.
R22493 name: Jay ooi
address: hougang
contact: 93862271
Company: transcab
Details: Dear All Hirer's,  I can be your super relief if you want rest on Saturday or Sunday. We chat me if u need me to cover. Wechat id 93862271. Transcab only.
R22491 name: ali ahmad
address: bedok area
contact: 94825677
Company: transcab
Details: Dear hirer sms me for short term full or half shift relief tks u
R22490 name: William
address: Hougang St.91
contact: 96366062
Company: Transcab / Silver Cab
Details: I'm a relief driver looking to drive from Mon to Sat. Night shift 6pm To 6am. Pls call me if interested.
R22489 name: William
address: Punggol, Sengkang
contact: 81139155
Company: Transcab
Details: Able to drive 4 days a week. Day shift only as I have a full time job.  Hirer feel free to contact me if available. Thanks.
R22487 name: Mr. Tay
address: Rivervale crescent
contact: 91298601
Company: comfortdelgro sonata
Details: I'm a relief driver looking to drive from Mon to Sat urgently. Day shift 6am-6pm timing negotiable. Pls call me if interested.
R22486 name: Mr Tom
address: Choa Chu Kang
contact: 91917390
Company: Silver Cab
Details: I want to be a night relief driver 6pm to 6am. Can drive only on Friday and Saturday. Can call me to discuss tks.
R22449 name: Shukor
address: Tampines
contact: 96673038
Company: Comfort DelGro
Details: Hi, I am a relief driver looking to drive Comfort Taxi on Sat & Sun. Prefer daytime from 6 am to 6 pm. LOAN COMPANY PLS DO NOT SMS YOUR ADS. Thank you.
R22448 name: Mr Chng
address: Rivervale St (Sengkang)
contact: 93802359
Company: Transcap/Sivercap/Comfort
Details: Looking to drive day shift Mon-Sat 6am-6pm or 7am-7pm tks....
R22446 name: Dian
address: Hougang ave 10
contact: 84181401
Company: Comfort sonata
Details: Every Friday nite start around 17005
R22445 name: Sheikh
address: Woodlands Drive 60 - Woodlands Mart
contact: 96998221
Company: Comfort
Details: Dear Hirers:  I am looking for part-time relief driver at Woodlands area (Woodlands Mart). Able to drive on Monday to Friday from 7pm-12pm and Saturday from 6 am - 6 pm. Able to negotiate on the time that suits you as well. Thanks.
R22443 name: Darren Gouk
address: Bedok Reservoir Road
contact: 97916768
Details: Staying Bedok Reservoir area. 6 nights per week. 6pm -6am.
R22441  我想驾白天星期一之五住在榜鹅 
R22439 name: Mr Tan
address: Tampines street 82
contact: 96926235
Company: any taxi company
Details: looking to drive 5 days, day or night also can, please kindly message me or call, thank you ..
R22438 name: Kevin Lim
address: East side
contact: 90080166
Details: Adhoc weekday or weekend full day or morning shift (7am to 7pm) super relief driver  Hirer want to take 1 day off per week with no fixed day can also contact me   Thanks
R22391 name: Mr lim
address: Fernvale
contact: 81339030
Company: Transcap
Details: Hey hire , I'm mr lim which like to find and part time driver for Saturday and Sunday night shift . Any one need me pls call . Thks
R22390 name: Mr Chua
address: Sengkang Rivervale
contact: 98485340
Company: Premier Hyundai I30
Details: Monday to Sunday 6pm to 6am
R22389 name: Mr chan
address: bed ok reservoir
contact: 97440108
Company: comfort sonata
Details: Looking for night relief drivers .  6pm-6pm
R22388 name: mdm Gan
address: marine parade
contact: 93830877
Company: Comfort
Details: Sat Sun day 5pm to 6pm
R22387 name: Soh
address: Serangoon North
contact: 98399959
Company: silvercab/smrt
Details: Looking for taxi to drive nite shift every Wed,Fri and Sat. Diesel and auto taxi, hirer staying in Serangoon North area.
R22386 name: Mr Ang
address: Sengkang
contact: 90251265
Company: Transcab
Details: Only want Friday 6pm-6am
R22385 name: Mr. Teo
address: Yishun Ave 5
contact: 91198694 (Call only, no SMS) or 96601256
Company: SMRT or Transcab
Details: Dear all hirers, I'm looking for taxi to drive on weekdays during daytime (6am to 5pm), can drive 5 or 6 days. Can be negotiate. Please call. Thank you.
R22382 name: Akbar
address: West areas
contact: 81829241
Company: comfort/city cab
Details: Can drive full day on 18/10/14 and 19/10/14.
R22352 name: Mr. Kasman
address: Woodlands Dr 16
contact: 98206563
Company: Comfort
Details: I jus required my lta VL. Hirer looking for relief pls do contact me, Currently still employed but Looking to driver night or day but have to see if I'm available on that day cos I may be away, Only comfort taxi. Thank you.
R22350 name: Soh Richard
address: Bishan
contact: 97811187
Company: comfort
Details: Night shift relief from Monday to Sunday 6pm to 6am
R22349 name: Lim
address: Ghim Moh Road
contact: 84958376 Hi Card
Company: SMART or Comfort / City Cab
Details: Night Shift Mon-Sat.  please sms or whatapps from 9-9pm only.  Loan Company please spare me/DNC and hi card no  Thanks.
R22347 name: angela goh
address: kim tian road
contact: 98393983
Company: toyota
Details: 5 days shift 6am-12pm ,excludes sat/sun public hoildays
R22314 name: Sam
contact: 94264278
Company: Any
Details: Willing to drive day or night as I'm not working. 6 or 7 days. Sam 94264276.
R22311 name: Mr Mum
address: Pandan Garden
contact: 81280372
Company: Comfortdelgro sonata
Details: Wanted to drive on Friday from 6am-6Pm only.
R22310 name: Mr Parker Soon
address: CCK
contact: 81286271
Company: Transcab
Details: Can drive permanently only for Friday and monday in the morning shift from 6am-6pm.Rental should be only $40 per shift .
R22309 name: Mr Chee
address: Yung kuang Rd
contact: 86998184
Company: Comfortdelgro I40
Details: I am looking for hirer who is willing to rent me his taxi @ $50 (I40 model)from thursday to friday from 6am-6pm,day shift.
R22308 name: Mr cheong
address: bukit batok street 25
contact: 92761022
Company: citycab
Details: Mon - Sun 6pm to 6am
R22307 name: Tan
address: Fernvale Lane
contact: 91919212
Details: I am looking forward to drive on every Monday and/or Tuesday from 5am to 5pm. Do let me know if you wish to allow me to be your relief driver.
R22305 name: Mr Lim
address: tampines ave 7
contact: 97902751
Company: comfort
Details: looking to drive 5days{tues to sat}6am to 6pm
R22304 name: mr Lee
address: staying location at Sengkang Anchorage Link
contact: Contact H/P No 97208180
Company: Taxi Company Transcab
Details: Dear Brother.  If you are need for Night shift Relief Driver staying at sengkang area. Please contact me.My Hp no97208180. Mr Lee
R22302 name: mr khairul anuar salleh
Details: I am a relief driver looking for hirer to share drive taxi during 8pm to2am.(hourly rental)staying at choa chu kang central.those who keen on me can contact me at this no:84228262 fyi i have fulltime job during the day time.thankyou
R22301 name: Mr Ang
address: Hougang ave 1
contact: 92782028
R22261 name: Md Talib
address: Yishun Street 22
contact: 86134885
Company: Comfort or City Cab
Details: drive day shift 5am to 5pm 6 days per week 1 day off anyday
R22259 name: Mr Habib
address: any location
contact: 83246167
Company: Any company
Details: I can drive the night shift everyday.   Just got voc.license.
R22258 name: Ismail Yahya
address: blk 11 eunos crecent
contact: 98176576
Company: comfort
Details: Ready to drive day time 5am to 5pm , monday to Friday, interested pleased call me 98176576
R22257 name: Derrick Choy
address: Toa Payoh lorong 1
contact: 98328573
Details: Hi I am relief driver looking to drive everyday night shift (5pm to 5am).  Prefer comfort but any other company also ok.  Hirer contact me if you have vacancy.  Thanks
R22256 name: kamis kairoman
address: commonwealth close
contact: 94318361
Company: trans cab or silver auto
Details: Mon to Fri 6pm to 6am
R22255 name: Mr. Ismail Bharoocha
address: Bedok South, North, Tampines, Pasir Ris.
contact: 96326678
Company: Comfort, Premier, any make except Mercedes.
Details: Night Shift - 5pm/6pm to next morning.3 days a week, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and sometime possible on Friday.
R22216 name: Eddie Ngo K B
address: bt batok,cck n yew tee
contact: 96633485
Company: trancab
Details: I looking for night shift drive from4pm or 5pm -4am,6days a week, any trancab toyota wish hirer interested pls can call me h/p:96633485 mr ngo experience taxi driver
R22215 name: Mr Hum
address: Yishun
contact: 86660996
Company: Citycab / Comfort
Details: I'm a experience relief driver. Looking for Day shift. Working Day - Monday to Friday. Off on Public holiday,Sat and Sun.
R22214 name: Jacky
address: Woodlands circle
contact: 97872192
Company: any
Details: Currently a relief driver for smrt, i am looking for a new hirer because my hirer is moving house soon. Looking for any taxi/any company, shift 4pm to 4am (everyday come back abt 12 to 1am), no of days can be discussed. Do give me a call or text if you are staying around woodlands circle.   Thank you.
R22211 name: Mr.Wan
address: Sembawang
contact: 90927692
Company: Comfort
Details: Hi, looking for reliable partner to drive 7days from 11pm to 11am. Self collect. Interested pls call or sms. Thank you
R22210 name: patrick
address: bt panjang, cck,bt batok
contact: 90016182
Company: comfort/citycab
Details: Super relief for 7-13 oct 2014   Or doing half shift super relief.
R22208 Name: mr.tay p s
address: sengkang
contact: 98289832
Company: ntuc comfort
Details: Mon to Fri. 5pm to 5am
R22207 name: Mr Ong
address: Whampoa/Balestier
contact: 90915879 / 97680393
Company: Transcab, Silvercab, Premier, SMRT
Details: I am relief driver and want to drive 3-4 days a week (day shift). Prefer area is Whampoa/Balestier. Pls contact Mr Ong at 9091 5879.
R22205 name: Wilson
address: Sengkang  Rivervale drive
contact: 93899598
Details: Hi hirer , i am interested to drive day shift  6am to 6pm mon to sat , if u stay near .. , pls cal me thks
R22204 name: mr Lau
address: kaki bukit bedok reservoir rd
contact: 93229000
Company: Trans
Details: hi i am looking for 6 night per week (looking for Renault )
R22202 name: Alvin Lee
address: punggol field
contact: 96324422
Company: comfort
Details: Hi I am available on 01- 03 October. .. I which to drive on night. Tks
R22176 name: Albert Ho
address: Choa chu kang crescent
contact: 81815762
Company: Trancab
Details: DRIVING FOR 7Day.  DAY or Night.
R22175 name: David Lim
address: Clementi
contact: 93263809
Company: Comfort/Citycab
Details: Sunday night - Friday night
R22174 name: ken
address: clementi
contact: 86889501
Company: Any
Details: Relief looking to drive day shift to drive from Mon to Sat only
Day Shift from 6am to 6pm (Time can be negotiated) Please call/sms/whatsapp me, thank you very much.
R22172 name: mr lee
address: lorong ah soo hougang
contact: 96959280
Company: transcab
Details: Night relief 9 2 9
R22171 name: MR YAP
contact: 91453973
Details: Sunday Whole Day
R22170 name: Ashley
address: Sengkang Anchorvale Road
contact: 91796799
Company: Comfort
Details: Looking to drive as a day shift relief 6 days a week.Thanks.
R22168 name: Mr Teo
address: tampines area
contact: 92382833
Company: comfort or citycab
Details: Monday to Saturday  6 nights
R22166 name: Martin
address: Ang Mo Kio Ave 5
contact: 96281664
Company: SMRT
Details: I can drive for Mon to Sat night time from 7pm to 7am. Pls sms me to discuss. Thanks
R22133 name: Mr Lim
address: Chai Chee St
contact: 96155005
Company: Comfort
Details: (6pm-6am Sat- Sun) or (Full day Sat-Sun)
  hi.. thank u for your great help to put up my request. i have found a hirer through your web page. Much appreciated. pls help to delete no. R20397. thank u .
R22132 name: Ng
address: Choa Chu Kang
contact: 81007740
Company: no smrt
Details: Looking to drive as a relief. Currently a hirer. I wish to drive during the night. Looking for hirer nearby Choa Chu Kang Ave 4, Normal or Limo. Pls help to recomend if you have friend staying nearby. Please contact me at 81007740 after 4pm. Thanks
R22131 name: Abdul
address: Hougang
contact: 96446043
Company: Transcab
Details: Looking for hirer to drive  1. Night 1-3x/week or/&  2. Sat night to Sunday evening.
3. Sunday morning.  OR any time flexible can discuss   SMS only. Money lender dont bother.
R22130 name: Mr Yap
address: Bedok north st 2
contact: 96601213
Company: Comfort
Details: I can drive for weekday on Wednesday and Friday .  Or Sat one day. Night shift.
R22127 name: hairi
address: central
contact: 92339529
Company: comfort
Details: Looking to drive day shift mon wed fri and alternate sun. Anywhere in central area.
R22124 name: tan
address: mersiring woodland area
contact: 90456477
Company: citycab
Details: 1 day.6pm-6am
R22078 name: David
address: Clementi
contact: 97276166
Company: Comfort/Citycab
Details: Sunday to Friday night shift
R22077 > name: Abdullah>
> address: Sengkang,Punggol, Tampines,Bedok>
> contact: 90715088>
> Company: Comfort,Citicab>
> Details: I am able to drive morning 6am-6pm. Only 4 times a week maximum. 3 weekdays and one on saturday. Timing can negotiate. Thanks.
R22074 name: Mr Ho
address: Woodlands street 81
contact: 91896190
Company: Transcab
Details: Relief looking to drive day shift from Mon to Fri and on sunday. Want to rest on sat.
Day Shift from 530am to 5pm. Please call/sms me, thank you very much.
R22073 name: Mr Hamid
address: Teban Gardens ( west coast , Pandan gardens, jurong east areas also can)
contact: 97863507
Company: SMRT
Details: I just gave up my taxi as hirer, and want to step down to being a relief. I wish to drive during the day, 7am-5pm. ( I can negotiate with the timing but only during day) I have been driving taxi for 20 years. Please call me at 97863507 . Thanks.
R22071 name: Chua
address: sengkang/punggol/hougang
contact: 81268581
Company: comfort  merc limo
Details: 5days mon-fri   night/day(5-5)timing can discuss
R22070 name: Mr Jeffery Wee
address: Havelock Road (Tiong bahru)
contact: 98716627
Company: Any
Details: Would like to drive morning-afternoon shift.   Timing negotiable.
R22069 name: mr chua
address: punngol field
contact: 93662931
Company: comfort
Details: From: 0500- 1600 Monday - saturday
R22028 name: mr goh
address: choa chua kang/yew tee
contact: 98489046
Company: comfort
Details: i want to become a relief night driver, Monday to Friday. 5 days per week. please call me. Thank you
R22026 name: Mr Ong
address: Pasir Ris Drive 1
contact: 81418818
Company: No Company Yet
Details: Just passed exams, waiting for TDVL. 14 years driving experience (I have 50% NCD). Looking to drive as Relief for day shift, Monday - Saturday.   Kindly SMS/Email me
R22024 name: Mr Colin
address: Woodlands
contact: 97564474
Company: Comfort
Details: Night shift. MON-SAT 4pm-4am (sunday off)  asap!
R22023 name: Maksum Hashim
address: Hougang,sengkang areas
contact: 94878730
Company: Comfort,city cab
Details: Night shift 4/5 days (Monday-Thursday/Fridays)
R22022 name: Mr Ee
address: Tampines st 81
contact: 96751838
Company: Comfort or Citycab
Details: Position: Relief looking to drive day shift  to drive from Mon to Fri only
Day Shift from 6am to 6pm   Please call/sms/whatsapp me, thank you very much.
R21995 name: Chua
address: AMK
contact: 97562182
Company: Preferably Transcab
Details: Day or night Mon to Sat
R21994 name: Kelvin Lee
address: Jurong
contact: 97999007
R21993 name: Koh
address: Serangoon,Serangoon North or nearby
contact: 96546907
Company: Comfort,CItycab or other co.
Details: Mon to Fri 6am to 6 pm pls call to discuss
R21992 name: Mr Faith
address: Woodlands Dr 75
contact: 90298595
Company: SMRT (Toyota Pirus)
Details: Night Taxi Relief Driver Needed.  At least 6 days week. 7pm onwards. Negotiable
R21991 name: Mr Nathan
address: Jln kayu / Farnvale
contact: 81501817
Company: Comfort / Citicab
Details: iam looking to drive on every satday night only, any car will do
R21944 name: Mr Ong
address: West Coast (near ESSO, very good call booking area)
contact: 96781080
Company: Comfort Sonata
Details: Looking for a relief driver from 22 Sept 2014 to 15 Nov 2014, NIGHT shift (7:00pm-7:00am, can negotiate). If can not drive through the entire period, you can choose to drive a few days (e.g weekends)per week, very FLEXIBLE. Interested drivers please call Mr Ong to discuss. Non-smoker preferred.
R21943 name: mr ong
address: pasir ris dr 2
contact: 93797733
Company: premier silver cab (auto/manual)
Details: 6 days (tue~sun) 5pm ~ 5am   night shift
R21942 name: LEE A T
contact: 98514439
Company: COMFORT
Details: day 0530 -1700 monday to friday
R21941 name: JASON
address: Punggol / s'goon nth ave 4
contact: 81379330
Company: SMRT
R21901 name: Tony tam
address: Pasir Ris
contact: 82668159
Company: Don't have
Details: Drive day shift
R21899 Name: T S Chionh
Address: Telok Blangah area
Contact: 92222015
Company: any
Details: M/W/F, T/T/S, or M-F
R21897 name: Mr Er
address: Bukit Panjang
contact: 98290227
Company: Transcab Renault
Details: 3 or 4 nites. Call to Discuss  Call after 4pm.  
R21872 name: Mr. Low
address: Jurong East
contact: 90399885
Company: Comfort delgro
Details: A relief looking for hirer to drive night shit from 5pm-5am. Looking for jurong east nearby hirer. Working 6 days mon-sat for long term. Can start now. Driving for 10+ years. Call my no. Thank you.
R21871 name: Lee
address: Hougang ave 1
contact: 91874871
Company: comfort
Details: Looking to drive on weekdays mon-fri from 4am-4pm. Sat cover full. Call me.thx
***Along hougang ave 1 or Lor ah soo***
R21869 name: Steven Cheong
address: Choa Chu Kang(Ave3)
contact: 83991184
Company: SMRT

Details: Hi, l wanted to be a relief driver. Morning Shift Mon to Fri.

R21868 name: Mr Sim
address: Clementi Ave 4
contact: 97549879
Company: Comfort
Details: I wanted to be a relief driver as i just got my license. thinking to start off driving on Saturday - Day shift only to familiar with the trade. I have 20 years of driving experience.
R21801 name: nr tan
address: bedok south
contact: 98535370
Company: trans cab
Details: Morning shift 6am - 6pm or night shift 6pm -6am   7days a week
call to discuss more on the timings
R21800 name: chia
contact: 91256277
Company: no taxi company
Details: Hi i just pass my taxilicense. I have 6 years of driving experience.I m living in bt batok st 32 blk 310. Intend to b a relieve driver for 10days a month. Might increase it after familar with roads. Days or night also can.
R21799 name: LIM
address: TOA PAYOH
contact: 97780244
R21795 name: Jason
address: Bukit Panjang
contact: 83216190
Company: Any
Details: I can drive from Friday Night / Sat Night & Sun Night
R21794 name: Mr. Louie Tan
address: yishun
contact: 86122174
Details: i am looking to be a relief driver as i just got my license. thinking to start off driving maybe tuesday thursday and saturday 630pm to 1am to familiar with the trade. once ok i might increase the timing and days.
R21793 name: Jahangir Alam
address: Juriong West
contact: 93396817
Company: SMRT OR Trans cab (Auto gear only)
Details: I am Relife Driver Looking Hirer SMRT or Trans Cab only for short time. If you want to go travel or go holi day please call me for discus. Thanks
R21791 Name: Mohan
address: Yishun
contact: 81306757
Company: Comfort / Citycab
Details: Looking to work relief for DAY shift. Accident record - 0, Age 63/Indian, please call 81306757. Thank you. 
R21790 name: mr goh
address: wellington circle [sembawang]
contact: 93887819
Company: comfort sonata
Details: hi I looking for night relief driver from 7pm to 7am mon to sun if interested please call 93887819 thank.
R21789 name: Ang
address: Woodlands
contact: 90919026
Company: Any
Details: Hi Hirers, I'm looking to drive relief taxi from friday 6pm to Sunday 6pm. Any hirers who looking for relief during this timing, kindly please give me a call.
R21750 name: Matthew
address: UBI/Bedok Reservoir/Jalan EUNOS/Kaki Bukit
contact: 97333995
Company: ANY
Details: Looking to work as a super relief for DAY shift a few times a week.  Will be a responsible and careful driver. Non smoker.  Please call 97 333 99five to discuss.
R21749 name: Mr Peter Lim
address: Sembawang (Canberra Link)
contact: 97406955
Company: Transcab
Details: Relief taxi driver looking for day shift, 6 days a week (Monday to Saturday). Time : 6am to 6pm. Can negotiate, pls contact me if interested. Thank you.
R21748 name: Mr Goh
address: Loyang
contact: 91907475
Company: Comfort
Details: Looking to be a relief on Friday & Saturday night.
R21747 name: Seetoh
address: Pasir ris st 12
contact: 94301790
Company: Citycab
Details: Monday -satday 6. Nights comfort or citycab
R21744 name: MR LIM
address: ROCHOR RD
contact: 84111212
Company: ANY
R21742 name: david
address: telok blangah only
contact: 96470069
Company: any
Details: i looking for relief job.   friday evening / saturday after 4pm only.
i am new to this line, wanna try out first
R21738 name: Peter Subbarayan
address: Rochor road
contact: 91099551
Details: Hi, i would like to drive as a relief driver one a week for day n night 24hrs on weekdays only.Pls cal for more info . Thanks
R21737  Name.Muhammad   Hp.91437190
Transcab ang mo kio or woodlands.   Willing to drive sunday morning.   Thankyou .
R21735 name: mr davey tan
address: bt panjang senja road
contact: 98526020
Company: perfer smrt
Details: Im a Relief driver looking for 5 days night shift..any days... location looking for walking distant best senja area or jelepang/bt panjang/lompang. thankyou.
R21703 name: Mr Ng
address: Punggol Central
contact: 86512043
Company: New TAXI with less than 2 years
Details: Only SMOKER Hirer or Hirer who didn't mind smoker. Only drive on Fri, Sat & Sun NIGHT from 5:30pm to 5:30am. Staying at PUNGGOL AREA only
R21700 name: Mr Tan
address: Pasir Ris
contact: 81618685
Company: comfort
Details: I am a relief driver. Looking for day shift. Please contact me. Thank you.
R21698 name: SYED
address: CLEMENTI
contact: 90042500
Details: Hi, l wanted to be a relief driver. Morning Shift Mon to Fri. BUT ONE DAY ONLY
R21697 name: Mr Siva
address: Teban or Pandan Garden
contact: 84884979
Company: Comfort
Details: Looking to drive from Mon to Fri. Preferably day. Night can nego
R21696 name: Fun
address: Empress Road/Farrer Road
contact: 98449712
Company: Any taxi companies
Details: I can drive relief from 6am to 6pm or 5pm to 6am, from Monday to Saturday
R21695 name: Alkaff
address: Whampoa,Toa Payoh or near by whampoa
contact: 90548830
Company: comfort
Details: I can drive on Sunday 9:00 am to 9pm, Mon,Tue,wed & thurs from 6am to 6pm. Kindly sms me.
R21694 name: Teo
address: Bishan
contact: 83221762
Company: Comfort
Details: I am a relief looking to drive Monday to Wednesday night shift.  I am currently a comfort relief with 2 years experience and zero accident or complaint records.
Pls call me if keen.   Tks
R21693 name: Steven
address: PASIR RIS DR 6
contact: 94501624
Company: Comfort / citicab
Details: Days shift 4 /5 days mon to fri 5 to 5 pm or anytime.
R21692 name: Mr Rama
address: Anchorvale link.blk 303
contact: 97755277
Company: Comfort delgro taxi only
Details: I can drive morning or nite shift...5days only.looking for Hirer staying at Fernval,sengkang and Anchorvale.Can start Asap...Thank you.
R21636 name: Toh
address: Bukit merah, Tiong Bahru, Red hill
contact: 90088002
Company: comfort smrt transcab
Details: prefer day   can do super relief too
R21634 name: MDM Tan
address: All areas
contact: 91808722
Company: Trans cab
Details: SMS to negotiate
R21633 name: bernard seah
address: bedok reservoir
contact: 81238093
Company: comfort
Details: i m looking for non smoking hirer. driving day shift .6 or 7 days .
R21632 name: Mr Surin
address: Changi
contact: 82670247
Company: Comfort/citycab sonata
Details: willing to drive 6/7 days a week.Night Shift only. Either 6pm to 6am or 5pm to 5am. Prefer hirer from pasir ris or tampines.
Please mention your record number   to repeat instead of sending your information again and again. If your  phone number is listed . You will not be allowed to advertise again unless you inform us to delete your record. 请注明要重复您的记录,不要一次又一次地发送你的信息登广告,如果能在这里看到你的电话号码。你将不会被允许再登广告,除非你通知我们删除你的记录
  name: Patrick
address: Any Area
contact: xx

Company : Comfort or Citycab
Details: I want to drive day shift on Thursday Only. Pls call me in advance. 

  name: Mr Chow
address: Owen Road
contact: 96228xxx
Details: I want to drive day shift.
I have many years of driving taxi experience. Pls call me now.
R name:  xxx
contact: xxx
company: Any Taxi company
Details: I have many years driving taxi experience. I can drive day or night. Please call me now.
name: Mr Mohd
address: Tampines
contact: 97390707
Company: Any Company
Details: Details: Hi. I would like to drive relief Mon to Fri 8/9/10am to 8/9/10pm. Timing can still discuss. I can also drive full day on weekdays if required.
address: tampines st. 44
contact: 94552009
Details: I want to drive night shift.
Pls call me now.
  name: william chaw
address: punggol
contact: 81574908
Details:  I have many year driving taxi experience. Pls call me now. 
  Thank you for helping me to post my tread and I will also inform others to visit for any jobs relating to be a Hirer/Relief.   Thank you once again.   Regards,     Lance .   From : Patrick ---> Thank you very much  to Lance for doing so. 
Position: I want to delete my record No: 15188 AND R15131
name: Hassan
Details: I would to say
thank for the very usefull. 5 *****
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