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(2) TAXI Relief Drivers   want to drive TAXI. (长期)Long Term

替班司机 要驾TAXI  

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name: Mr tay
contact: 91010122
Details: Wish to drive on full time 5-6 days on morning 6am-6pm , interested hirer please contact and discuss about time .thank
希望可以长期驾 5/6 天早上 6am-6pm,有意车主请联络我


name: Mr Law
address: CCK Ave 2
contact: 90285692
Company: Transcab
Details: I can drive Mon-Fri, 5-6AM to 5-6PM Day shift. 


name: Mr Tan
address: Toh Guan Road
contact: 81636989
Details: Saturday to Thursday. 6am to 6pm
R24463 name: Mr wilson low
address: sengkang
contact: 93899598
Company: comfort sonata
Details: I am interested to be a day relief , can drive 6 days mon to sat 5.30am to 5.30pm. 


name: Mr. James Lim
address: Ang Mo Kio St. 52
contact: 81280098
Company: Comfort 
Details: Wish to drive 5/6 days Night Shift 9pm - 9am. Please call me at 81280098 or 93838712 to discuss mutually agreeable terms. Thank you.
R24405 name: devi
address: fernvale, sengkang ,seletar hill estate
contact: 91134343
Company: Smrt
Details: I m a lady driver. Non smoker. Experienced.I want to be a day relief from 5am to 5pm or 6am to 6pm. Mon to fri.


name: Mr Cherr
address: RIVERVALE Drive, Sengkang
contact: 9100 0042
Company: Comfort or Silver Cab
Details: Relief driver looking at driving on either Thursday or Friday, 6am-6pm
If you are interested, you can contact me at 9100 0042.
Thank you.


name: louis lee
address: geylang or nearby (i have motorbike)
contact: 91525999
Company: comfort/citicab
Details: I want to drive night shift 6pm-6am for 4 weekdays/week (tue-fri). I am a serious non-smoking driver with good record.


name: Kevin Lim
address: Tampines / Pasir Ris / Bedok/Simei
contact: 90080166
Details: Can drive 2 to 3 days per week  Morning shift preferable 7 to7 pm
or 6:30 to 6::30pm   Also can drive adhoc weekend full shift if required


name: jeffrey wong
address: Queentown
contact: 98157166
Company: NA
Details: Mon to Friday day only or  3 day a week whole day.
R24334 name: Vincent Tan
address: Punggol
contact: 81729398
Company: Any Company, Any Vehicle except Wish.
Details: 6days a week one off day.  6am to 6pm or 6.30am to 6.30pm.  Experienced Driver.  Accident Free
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  Dear Sir (All the above person) ,

Thank you very much for the payment for 1 year service fee. 

(1) Taxi hirer looking for Taxi relief drivers.租车德士司机找替班司机 (长期) 
(2) Taxi relief drivers want to drive TAXI.. . < 替班Taxi司机要驾 TAXI (长期) 
(3) Taxi hirer looking for Short Term taxi relief driver 租车Taxi司机 找短期Taxi替班司机 (短期) 
(4) Short Term Taxi relief drivers want to drive TAXI . 短期替班司机要驾Taxi短期 (短期)

You can repeat to advertise in any above (1) (2) (3) (4) or  (1) and (3) or (2) and (4) or all (1) (2) (3) (4) or make amendment on your information regardless how many time for the 1 year time started from the date of making payment. 

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Best Regards


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  name: Mr Chow
address: Owen Road OR NEAR BY
contact: 96228164
Details: I want to drive day shift.
I have many years of driving taxi experience. Pls call me now.
name: fadhir
address: yewtee
contact: 91071410
Company: transcab
Details: I can drive mon-fri 6am to 6pm day shift. West area like bukit batok and jurong or bukit panjang and marsiling and woodland as i got motorbike to travel. Contact me 
name: Mr. Soh
address: Choa Chu Kang Ave 5
contact: 98857039
Details: Interested to drive day shift. Mon to Fri from 7am to 5pm
name: Loh
address: Bukit Panjang Area
contact: 97582573
Details: 6 am to 6pm. Monday to Friday
name: Mr Thomas
address: punggol 21
contact: 96893455
Company: any taxi
Details: Saturday and Sunday day time
address: Bedok
contact: 97681188
Company: Comfort
Details: 6 days
name: louis lee
address: geylang or nearby
contact: 91525999
Company: comfort/citicab
Details: I am looking to drive on every tue to fri night shift 6pm-6am. I am a non smoking and serious driver with very good record.
name: Mr Chng
address: Rivervale St Sengkang
contact: 93802359
Company: Transcap
Details: Looking to drive day shift mon-sat from 6am-6pm tks...
Hi, I'm looking for temporary part time relief taxi driver job ( prefer weekdays daytime ) , am holding a taxi License. If got lobang can call me at 96750706 ( Nik )
name: Mr Chan
address: teck whye
contact: 93225225
Details: Monday to Friday 5pm-1am
name: Neo
address: serangoon north
contact: 96700465
Company: transcab
Details: Looking to drive on fri night and sat night
name: MR TAN
address: BEDOK SOUTH
contact: 97628538
Company: COMFORT
Details: I am a relief driver looking for night shift (3pm to 3am). Six days a week.
name: LAU
contact: 96736319
Company: TRNSCAB
Details: I am relief looking for hirer from any Taxi Company let me drive day shift min 3 days and max 5 days per week for long term. Or I can be super relief for your short vacation leave such as Chinese New Year. Please SMS me for discussion. Thanks.
name: Joo Seng
address: Teban Gardens
contact: 91373887
Details: I wish to drive weekends on Saturday and Sunday.   Hirer kindly please contact me.
name: wong
address: bedok
contact: 83836866
Company: comfort,citycab
Details: I'm looking to drive on every Monday night only. Responsible n non smoker.
name: Mr Ong
address: Hougang Ave 6
contact: 97956580
Company: Any taxi
Details: I am interested to be your relief driver for day time on weekday. Kindly contact me for discussion.Thank you
name: Mr Goh
address: Hougang
contact: 84484880
Company: none
Details: Hi All. I am looking to drive a TRANSCAB - 2 Nights [inclusive a Friday or Saturday] in a week in Hougang area.
name: Mr Lim
address: Yishun
contact: 83187123
Details: Want to drive   monday to saturday   6am to 1pm   Pls contact for more details
name: Steven
address: Bukit Batok St.25
contact: 96276068
Company: All
Details: I am relief driver looking for Hrier near by in Bukit Batok Area. I refer night shift Monday to Friday start from 4p.m. to 4a.m.
name: ALAN
address: SENGKANG
contact: 98338138
name: Lim
address: Bt Panjang
contact: 96775974
Company: Any
Details: I'm looking for hirer to Allow me to drive in the day for 5 to 6 days a week.pls call me for discussion
name: Mr Tay
address: Bukit panjang saujana
contact: 90387764
Company: Prefer smrt Prius
Details: Looking to drive 6 days. Start at 4pm or 5pm. Prefer Toyota Prius. Kindly pls SMS only, thank you.
name: Chan
address: Commonwealth,Queenstown,Holland,Redhill
contact: 93876867
Company: Smrt or Trancab
Details: I can drive on MONDAY N TUESDAY(Day shift).timing nego,thanks.
name: Steve
address: Pasir ris dr 6
contact: 91996609
Company: Transcab
Details: Mon to Fri 7pm to 11pm
name: Gavin Ow
address: Jurong west st 93
contact: 98399191
Company: comfort and citycab
Details: Monday to Friday Morning shift 5days   4am to 4pm All model
name: Mr.loy
address: Ang mo kio ave 10
contact: 98263492
Company: Comfort,citycab
Details: Hi ,I want dr taxi form Monday to Friday day (05:00am---17:00pm) pls give me a call ,the u
name: Mr Ganson
address: Bishan
contact: 91145061
Company: Comfort
Details: Daily from Monday to Sunday nights. Time can be negotiable.
name: mr lau
address: jurong west st 81
contact: 96338978
Company: comfort and citycare
Details: interested in driving part time only around jurong west interested day time only drive comfort or citycare please do contact :)
name: Ismail Bharoocha
address: Blk 18, Bedok South Road.
contact: 96326678
Company: Comfort Delgro, Sonata or Pr emier, Optima
Details: Able to drive in the evening shift only 3 nights a week (about 5pm to about 5 am) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays Hirer preferred in areas of Bedok, Chai Chee, Simei,Tampines, Pasir Ris.
name: Mr Chng
address: Hougang Ave 1
contact: 94358847
Company: SMRT
Details: Hi all hirer. I am looking to drive permanent day shift Mon to Fri 6.00 or 7.00am to 4.00pm (prefer Toyota Prius or Chevrolet epica). Interested hire pls call me or SMS ME. * MONEY LENDER DON'T BOTHER PLEASE*
name: Jason Ng
address: Toa Payoh
contact: 86067991
Company: Comfort / City Cab - Sonata
Details: Able to drive Sat n Sun, whole day.   Non-smoker. $70 rate.
name: Oh
address: Lor Ah Soo, Hougang St.11/Ave. 1/Lor Lew Lian
contact: 98225449
Company: Any
Details: I am willing to drive Day or Night. Pls call or SMS me to discuss. Thank you.
name: Kevin Lim
address: East side
contact: 90080166
Details: Adhoc weekday or weekend full day or morning shift (7am to 7pm) super relief driver  Hirer want to take 1 day off per week with no fixed day can also contact me   Thanks
name: Mr Tan
address: tampines street 82
contact: 96926235
Company: Comfort or Smrt
Details: Looking for hirer that stays tampines street 82, please kindly whatsapp or message me, thank you
name: Raj
address: Jurong East, Teban Gardens, Toh Guan area
contact: 84047376
Company: NTUC
Details: Hi I'm looking for a Hirer. I'm willing to drive for 6 days a week(Mon - Sat) in the evenings. I was a Hirer before and have exprience in driving taxi. Thank you.
name: mr.koh
address: serangoon or nearby
contact: 96546907
Company: comfort or other
Details: Mon to fri 5am to 5pm 5days week
name: Mr Ng
address: choa chu kang
contact: 97952878
Company: comfort
Details: Mon to sat 6am to 6pm.
name: Mr Yong C S
address: Boon Lay Drive
contact: 98773109
Company: Any
Details: Looking to drive six day only jurong area from 6am to 6pm rest on monday and private holiday thank.
name: eddie
address: choa chu kang loop
contact: 98424212
Company: comfort
Details: looking to drive on friday night and saturday full day.... can start immediately.... im a non smoker....
name: Dian
address: Hougang ave10
contact: 84181401
Company: Comfort
Details: Thursday or Friday nite start around 1600 or 1700
name: Mr Hong
address: Circult Road
contact: 91656084
Company: sonata /comfort or citycab
Details: willing to driving for five night from 6pm to  6am.
name: thomas
address: fernvale
contact: 97624798
Company: Any company
Details: Hi hirer  I looking to relief to drive on weekends  on day shift, Kindly contact me if any thanks.
name: Ivan
address: Woodlands
contact: 84616184
Company: SMRT (Relief)
Details: I am presently a relief driver from SMRT. I am looking for SMRT Hirer staying in woodlands area. Looking forward to do relief driving from Mon to Friday Morning shift.
Thank you.
name: Mr Vennu
address: yishun Street 61
contact: 94528494
Company: SMRT
Details: I am a SMRT relief driver looking forward to drive weekends from 15 Jan 15
name: Sam
address: Woodlands
contact: 81635786
Company: Comfort/Citycab- Sonata
Details: Thu to Sun night. 5pm to 5am only.
name: Cheong
address: Pasir ris
contact: 94377779
Company: Any
Details: Mon-sat 6am to 6pm.
name: justin
address: punggol
contact: 98893961
Company: comfort
Details: I looking for hirer perfer day time . Contact me   Thanks
name: MR ANG
address: HOUGANG
contact: 90592507
name: Mr Peter Lim
address: Canberra Link (Sembawang)
contact: 97406955
Company: Transcab
Details: Day relief driver for Monday to Saturday, 6am to 6pm per week. Can negotiate, pls call me if interested. Thank you.
name: Ah Hian
address: Bedok North
contact: 91057315
Company: ComfortDelgro
Details: Looking to drive weeknights 4-5 nights.
name: Roger Tan
address: Jurong
contact: 81095381
Company: Any
Details: 6 or 7days
name: MDM POH
contact: 94305581  or SMS @ 98973338
Details: Weekdays ONLY (5pm-5am)   5 Days ONLY ( NIGHT SHIFT )
name: Fazz Harun
address: Boon Lay Place
contact: 94258056
Company: CityCab
Details: Looking for hirer staying nearby. Willing to drive Mon-Fri 6pm to 6am.
name: Mr.Teo
address: Any
contact: 93897911
Company: Comfort/Sonata/i40
Details: Super Relief Driver
name: Mr Ng
address: Yishun
contact: 96322214
Company: Comfort, Citycab
Details: Looking to work as relief on 5 weekdays, daytime. 7am or 8am to 5pm. Other timing can be discuss. Thanks !
name: Mr Cheong
address: Choa Chu Kang
contact: 82825007
Company: Comfort
Details: Hi, I would like to be a relief driver for day driving. I can drive from 6am to 6pm, weekdays and weekends.
  name: Patrick
address: Any Area
contact: xx

Company : Comfort or Citycab
Details: I want to drive day shift on Thursday Only. Pls call me in advance. 

  name: Mr Chow
address: Owen Road
contact: 96228xxx
Details: I want to drive day shift.
I have many years of driving taxi experience. Pls call me now.
  name: william chaw
address: punggol
contact: 81574908
Details:  I have many year driving taxi experience. Pls call me now. 
  Thank you for helping me to post my tread and I will also inform others to visit for any jobs relating to be a Hirer/Relief.   Thank you once again.   Regards,     Lance .   From : Patrick ---> Thank you very much  to Lance for doing so. 
Position: I want to delete my record No: 15188 AND R15131
name: Hassan
Details: I would to say
thank for the very usefull. 5 *****
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